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We are the integral partner to drive the digital growth of your business.

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Our dedication to excellence in software engineering and our passion for innovation make us your ideal partner to turn your ideas into effective technological solutions.

Agile Delivery

Agile Delivery

We believe in agile delivery. We implement agile methodologies to ensure efficient and fast delivery of projects. We adapt to changes in real time and focus on constant collaboration with our customers. One of the key features of our Agile Delivery approach is that we customize the development team according to the specific needs of your project. We work together with you to understand your goals and requirements, and then we arm a team (squad) composed of experts in the technologies and skills needed to carry out your project successfully.

Agile Delivery

Custom Software

We specialize in tailor-made software development, which means we create fully customized software applications and systems to meet your specific needs. We do not believe in generic solutions. Instead, we work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and goals. Based on this understanding, our team of software development experts designs and builds applications that perfectly fit your vision and workflow.

Agile Delivery

IT Consulting

We offer technology consulting services to help you make informed and strategic technological decisions. We recognize that choosing the right technologies is essential to the success of any project. Our team of highly qualified experts with extensive experience in technology will advise you in the selection of the most suitable tools, platforms and approaches for your project. What makes our consultancy unique is that we customize it according to your specific needs.

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My first programmers team

In the 90s, during an era of technological growth and shared passion, I led a team of programmers that transcended the boundaries of innovation. Nico, Mariano, Martin, and Matías, names resonating with talent and dedication.

¿What to use in a new project of PHP: PDO or MySQLi?

One of the changes of PHP 7 was the interruption of the extension MySQL and de programmers had to choose either migrate their code to use MySQL or the PDO extension, but ¿Which one is the best option?

Advantages of implementing the WhatsApp API in your web applications

Unlock the full potential of your web applications with WhatsApp API integration.


In 20 years we have developed technological projects of all kinds.

Apps for Municipalities


2019 - Now

In October 2019 we started working alongside a team of programmers from Ceiboo, the project that we call SIPEMU and that allows governmental organizations to have an integrated management platform.
During these years of the project we developed andined the web application, mobile applications, web services, email marketing, vehicle geo-positioning, etc.
The backend was made entirely in PHP/Laravel. The frontend with Reactjs.

Media Platform

Ceiboo News

2017 - Now

In August of the year 2017 we started the project we called Ceiboo News. This platform allows media to automatically upload news to their web and all their social networks.
We integrate Ceiboo News with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp APIs. So with a single click, the news is posted in real time everywhere.
The application was done entirely in PHP/Laravel.

App for tourists from Finland

Discovering Finlandia


In September 2003 we started working with a team of Ceiboo programmers, freelance and remotely, with a European Agency on the Discovering Finland Project. It included a team of 7 people. My role was Project Manager, with my team of 3 programmers. The Agency provided the Product Owner and the Graphic Designer.
During the 5 years of the project we developed andined the web application, mobile applications, web services, email marketing, thousands of small services such as sms and small apps for events. A content manager and an expert in SEO were added to the journey.
The backoffice was performed entirely in PHP 4.2 with a MVC framework developed exclusively for that APP.

Educational Management Platform

Educational management

2022 - Now

A client raised the exciting challenge of developing an integrated accounting management system for a prominent educational institution.
In this project, we are responsible for overseeing and managing crucial aspects such as student enrolment, tracking tuition fees, accounting management, effective communication with parents and monitoring of data related to educational staff.
This project is carried out in PHP, with a framework designed to meet the needs of the system.

Restaurants Apps

2010 - 2015

In 2010 started the project along with a Spanish investor group. was a set of apps for digital card, digital menu, TPV in the cloud for restaurants, mobile paid restaurants, social network gastronomy, etc. The software was installed at Restaurantes de España and Argentina.
During this period we developed the first interactive restaurant table with Klan Interactive in a project called Smartmeals. Here we leave you a video showing how that table worked.
The backend was developed in PHP 5.3, the mobile and desktop applications complete in Javascript.

Analysis for Dating Sites


2008 - 2010

In the year 2008, we collaborated with the Infosingles team in Spain on the creation of, an innovative website dedicated to analyzing the main online dating portals on the Internet and providing custom recommendations based on the personality of users.
This joint team was composed of professionals from various disciplines, including advertisers, data analysts, programmers and designers. In addition to the information platform, we developed a complete dashboard to visualize advanced analysis, as well as a RESTful API that allowed access to part of the information. We also implemented a payment gateway for those users who wanted to use our advanced analytics tools.

Our technologies

Since 2002 we have been working with the main technologies in the market.

Programador y Líder de proyectos PHP


Programador y Líder de proyectos Javascript/Typescript


Programador y Líder de proyectos Javascript/Typescript


Programador y Líder de proyecto de aplicaciones móviles Android




Maquetador HTML/CSS3


Experto en Base de Datos Mysql


Administrador de Servidor Linux con tecnología Apache

Apache Server

Programador y Líder de proyectos Python


Desarrollo de sitios Wordpress


Programador sobre plataforma Linux Debian/Ubuntu


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