Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla join to create a consistent website.
Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla join to create a consistent website.

Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have joined to ensure the standards websites that work consistently across different browsers

Standard but no standard...

The problem is that some browsers use the technoologycal web in different ways, which leads to the question: '¿When is the standard but not the standard?' Even, there is a saying: 'It is, when is a standard web'. This is painful for the developers, especially for business developers who want to create consistent web interfaces across all the platforms, products and browsers.

The goal of the 'Interop Allience 2022' is seeing how the diferents providers create web standards. It followed by the 'Compat group 2021' which had some success. "The progress we had achived together in 2021 it had been unbelievable" said Daniel Levy, Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft Edge, 'I'm excited to seeing how the platform web is growing this year as more providers get involved and the interoperability areas to adress, it become broader"

¿What is 'Interlop 22'?

The aim of this project is to ensure that the applications web based in this standards work and have same aspect at a global ecosystem across different devices, platforms and operative systems. If you're lucky, you can wait that some day, the developers web have trust to offer an uniform experience to the users. Mozilla said "We wish that this areas will be interoperable, actualize the relevant web standards and advance towards a future where we can measur with test as we do in key areas"

'Interop 2022' tests 15 especifications of the web patform and 3 functions that haven't been completely developed yet. The functions that is testing actually include cascade layers, color spaces, CSS color and scrolling. The actual results and test panels can finde in each link.

¿Why 'Interoperability 2022'?

In few words, allows you to watch the user experience/design instead of exploring the browser's code in depth. Which also means that the browser developers don't have to release access to core functions to competitors.

Curiosly, this project emerged when the web developers met to challenge the iOS WebKit limitations. Particularly, the web developers argue that the other browser's developers should use WebKit. The industry experts show that is unlikely that Apple will approve the request. This not only highlight the Safari's limitations, but also it can affect the hardware performance, the security and battery duration. 

It may or may not be related to Apple's involvement in Interop 22, but ensuring that different browsers work consistently will help alleviate accusations.

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